Kenneth Patterson Obituary

Kenneth Patterson Obituary, Kenneth Patterson Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Kenneth Patterson Death, Obituary – Generally referred to as Kenneth Kay Patterson Kenneth Patterson was a longtime member of the Albany Clay Target Club and passed away very recently. The club would like to extend its deepest condolences to Kenneth Patterson’s family and friends on the passing of this longtime club member. Kenneth Patterson was born in 1930 and died in 2023. Kenneth Patterson has a very lengthy history of participation in this organization as a club member.

Patto was the moniker that the overwhelming majority of people who knew him went by when they referred to him in conversation. The event took place in the month of June of 1930 in the town of Torbay, which is located in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia. The year was 1930. On the other side, when Ken’s ship was in port and he had shore leave, you could typically find him shooting clay targets as a member of the Melbourne Gun Club.

In this capacity, he was a regular sight. During a significant portion of his professional life, Ken served in the Merchant Marines as an engineer. During this time, he was also a member of the civilian workforce. Throughout the course of his career, he served in this capacity for a significant portion of the time. After completing his obligation in the Merchant Marine, he went on to work as an engineer at the Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital, where he was eventually put in command of the boiler section.

This job has only been filled in an acting capacity so far. As soon as he moved back to the Great Southern Region of Western Australia in the early 1980s, he immediately became a member of the local shooting community by becoming a shooter in the Albany Clay Target Club. This allowed him to immediately integrate himself into the local shooting culture.

After the previous club grounds that were located within the city lines were shut down, the Albany club relocated to the new club shooting grounds that are located on Chester Pass Road. Ken was a vital part of the transition that took place during this time. They moved their operations to these new club shooting grounds, which are where they remain to this day.

In 2009, the club honored Ken with a life membership, and up until very recently, he remained actively connected with the Albany Club. This led to the club bestowing the honor upon Ken.

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