Keaton Reti Obituary, Hamilton Boys’ High School has passed away - Death

Keaton Reti Obituary, Hamilton Boys’ High School Student has passed away – Death

Keaton Reti Obituary, Death –  Keaton Larry Te Pohi Reti is the name that people commonly refer to him as. The families of those who were connected with Hamilton Boys’ High School, Argyle Boarding House, and the First XV Rugby Team would like to extend their love and condolences to the Reti family during this difficult time as they mourn the loss of Keaton, a remarkable young man. Keaton was a member of the First XV Rugby Team. Keaton attended Hamilton Boys’ High School during his high school years.

Keaton has been a part of our world for the past three years, and throughout that time, he has had a significant impact on our community. During this time, he has also made a significant impact on our globe. During all of this time, he has been quite helpful to our community in many different ways. He has acted like a brother to everyone, and while he is tremendously loyal to his friends, he is equally eager to achieve the goals he has established for himself. He has been a brother to all. A No. 8 who is both capable and seasoned in the game

Keaton, who was recognized as the “U15 Rugby Player of the Year,” will be remembered as a true “team player” who was also very skilled and incredibly energetic. He won the award. We are in a condition of terrible mourning since the news of the passing of our friend, who was a genuinely exceptional man who attended “Boys’ High” and was well-known for his upbeat attitude, joyful demeanor, and widespread popularity has left us.

After the passing of a fellow student at Hamilton Boys’ High School, the entire community at the school, including Susan Hassall, prayed the following: “Grant him everlasting rest, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him.”

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