Julian Selman Obituary, Lebanon PA, Julian Selman Has Passed Away - Death

Julian Selman Obituary, Lebanon PA, Julian Selman Has Passed Away – Death

Julian Selman Obituary, Death – During this extremely difficult time, Jennifer and Steve Selman are in both my thoughts and prayers. I am thinking of and praying for them. They are in my thoughts and prayers at this time. You and your partner are both deserving of the blessing that God has for you. I want you to know that I am thinking about you and sending my deepest condolences as you go through this challenging time.

I am sorry for the loss that has been inflicted upon you. Julian was without a doubt an exceptional young man in each and every sense of the word. There is no room for doubt in this assertion. There is no way that this assertion could ever be shown to be false in any way. For the three years that my son was a member of the Lebanon Friendship Chiefs Pee Wee team, it was an honor for me to be able to watch him compete in football games as a member of the Pee Wee team for the Lebanon Friendship Chiefs.

Pee Wee was the age group that my son played in on the team. The Lebanon Friendship Chiefs were the name of the team that my son played for during the previous year’s season. My husband and I were reading his name out loud as we walked off the field after he finished his career playing midget football while you and the other coach walked him off the field. After he finished his career, we were walking off the field together.

That instant is one that I will never forget, and it will always be seared into my mind. Ryan is confident that he helped the Pee Wee coaches out with all of the different drills whenever they asked for his assistance in doing so. This is something that he is certain took place because he has direct knowledge of it. Because he was such a kind and considerate young boy, his family, friends, and community will miss him terribly. He will be greatly missed. Everyone there will think fondly of Julian in the years to come. In the years to come, we will all think of him fondly and remember him with gratitude. RIP Julian.

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