Juan Macias Obituary

Juan Macias Obituary, Juan Macias Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Juan Macias Death, Obituary – Officers from the Rock Hill Police Department were reportedly summoned to the 1100 block of Deas Street at about 8:40 o’clock on Saturday evening after receiving information that someone had been shot in that area. The incident was claimed to have occurred in the vicinity of the block.

According to the reports, the Rock Hill Police Department had information that someone had been shot in that area, and they were investigating the incident. This particular investigation focused on the location located at the 1100 block of Deas Street.

Macias was found lying on the ground and suffering from a gunshot wound when the officers arrived. They found him when they arrived. In addition to that, they discovered Macias laying on the ground. Macias was unresponsive when they found him, so they couldn’t question him further. It seems plausible that Macias had been shot given the amount of pain that he was obviously in at the time.

Another person who had been injured in the arm was found, according to the authorities. This time the injury was to the shoulder. The person’s damage was significantly more severe this time. Someone with this description was found. It appears that a firearm was used in the incident that resulted in the injuries that were received.

It is possible that more than one person was injured. The injuries that she sustained do not pose a substantial threat to her life at this time. Her condition is currently stable. It is not anticipated that her circumstance will improve. The second victim, Marias, was rushed to Piedmont Medical Center for treatment; however, it was later determined that Marias had already passed away when she arrived at the clinic.

It was discovered that she had passed away before to her relocation.mAuscencio Soto-Picazo is the name of the individual that the Rock Hill Police Department has reason to suspect is responsible for the homicide. The department has identified the person. The Rock Hill Police Department has made this material available to the general public.

According to the statements made by the authorities, the suspect, who has been given the name Picazo, is described as a Mexican male with dark hair and a dark complexion. His hair is supposed to be dark and he is said to be 30 years old. He is characterized as having an impressive height. To put it frankly, his physical make-up isn’t anything to be thrilled about, and that includes his height and weight.

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