Josh Schmanke Obituary, Seattle-Tacoma WA, Josh Schmanke has Died - Death

Josh Schmanke Obituary, Seattle-Tacoma WA, Josh Schmanke has Died – Death

Josh Schmanke Obituary, Death – Josh, if you were here with us today, you would be turning 23 years old, and all we want for your birthday is to be able to celebrate it by giving you a big embrace, telling you how much we love you, and telling you how old you would be. We want to encircle you with our arms and offer you a hearty, vigorous hug. You are the best there is when it comes to providing hugs. We don’t want to say goodbye to you.

We refuse to acknowledge the reality that our beautiful son is no longer with us here on earth. This is not at all how things are supposed to play out in any way. Tonight is the night that we are all supposed to get together and celebrate you, and we hope that everything goes according to plan. The twenty-third year of your life! You are going to be the focus of our surveillance at all times.

You had such a profound impact on the direction their lives took. You have always been such a significant presence, even when you were a tiny child, and this has continued throughout your 22 years. Everyone who has ever met you and fallen in love with you does so an incredible amount. You are an amazing member of the human race. Gone too soon.

In this life, you were given a task that was predetermined for you to complete. We do not remember if we ever told you the tale of the day that God revealed to me what your name would be, but if we did, we do not remember doing so. “Joshua is to be the name of your son,” the angel replied. It was as obvious as the nose on your face. It wasn’t a secret to Brian Schmanke at all. After that, there was never any question in either of our minds that you were indeed our son and that your name was Joshua, which means “our little angel.”

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