Johnny O'Rorke Obituary

Johnny O’Rorke Obituary, Former Duns Club Captain has Died – Death

Johnny O’Rorke Death Obituary – When the Duns RFC found out that Johnny O’Rorke, a former club captain for the organization, had passed away, it was a very trying period for everyone involved in the group. Before, Johnny O’Rorke was in charge of leading the Duns RFC as its club captain. Before about a week ago, this information was not readily available.

While playing for Duns in the season 1959–1960, which was the season in which the club was re-established, Johnny served as the captain of the First XV for both the 1960–1961 and 1961–1962 seasons. During this time, Johnny was also the captain of the First XV for the season 1959–1960. In addition, he was a player for Duns during the 1959–1960 season, which is significant because it was the season that the club was re-established.

During this time period, Johnny was the captain of the First XV during the season that ran from 1959 to 1960. This position was first available in 1959. Because of the important position he held in that community, he was able to gain a great deal of reputation and respect among the individuals who made up that community.

As a result of this, he was able to acquire a significant amount of respect. He was one of a dishearteningly small handful of players who had survived from the season in which the club was re-founded sixty-four years ago. He was a member of the team at the time it was re-established.

During the period in which the team was being reorganized, he served as a member of it. He was a member of the squad for the entire year while the club was in the process of being re-established. During that particular campaign, he was a member of the squad and took part in the games as a player for them.

During those games, he also participated. Everyone at the club would like to extend their most heartfelt sympathies not only to Sheila, Johnny’s wife, but also to his daughters Mark and Sally, as well as to his grandkids Robbie and Cammy. Sheila was Johnny’s wife. These two young men are currently competing for the club on two different teams: the Under-16 squad and the S2 squad, respectively.

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