John Moeti Obituary

John Moeti Obituary, Former Orlando Pirates Midfielder Has Died – Death

John Moeti Obituary, Death – A legendary soccer player who played for both Bafana and the Orlando Pirates has passed away. He Will Be Missed. An obituary has been written and published for the renowned soccer player John Moeti, who played for both Bafana and the Orlando Pirates. Moeti passed away recently. the sixth of February in the year 2023-02-06

You can find here both an announcement of John Moeti’s passing and an obituary for him. Sadly, John Moeti, a fantastic soccer player who spent his whole career with both Bafana and the Orlando Pirates, has passed away. Moeti played for both teams during his entire career. Throughout his whole career, Moeti was a member of both of these squads.

Moeti was a part of each of these squads during the entirety of his professional career. During the period of time in which he was actively participating in the sport, he was a member of both of the teams that were going head to head with one another. During the time that he spent actively competing in the sport, he was known by the appellation “Dungi,” and this nickname stuck with him even after he retired from the sport in which he had engaged.

After it was determined that he had passed away, his family issued a brief statement to confirm the news of his passing and to give their condolences to his friends and loved ones. In the statement, they also confirmed the news that he had passed away. The statement was put out in order to validate the rumors that he had passed away. In the statement that they released, they also addressed the reports that he had passed away and confirmed that this was really the case.

As you mourn the loss of John “Dungi” Moeti during this difficult time, please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. We want you to know that we are thinking about you and your family. We are sorry for the loss you have suffered. We would be grateful if you could acknowledge our heartfelt condolences in this difficult time.

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