John Diediker Obituary, Osawatomie Kansas, John Diediker Has Died – Death

John Diediker Obituary, Death –  What I am experiencing right now is something that I will not be able to adequately express to you in words because I will not be able to adequately describe what I am experiencing. What I am experiencing at this very now is something that I simply cannot put into words for you. Even at this late hour, I am having a hard time accepting the reality that my brother has passed away. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

I will never get over it. He was the most talented person in the world at what he did, and at the same time, he was my closest friend at the time. Both of these things happened at the same time. He excelled at the tasks that were assigned to him. My heart is broken beyond repair; John Diediker was more to me than a friend; he was a member of my family. The news of his passing has left me inconsolable. I am unable to find any solace in the fact that he has passed away.

The fact that he has died away does not provide me with any consolation in any way. The fact that the two of us are no longer together is something that I am never going to be able to come to terms with. I will never be able to get over the fact that I found out he had died; it is something that will be a part of me for the rest of my life and I will never be able to forget about it. John Garrett, you were the best of us; we had so many more adventures planned, but I guess we will have to put them off for now as I don’t think we have enough time to do them all.

We had so many more plans, but you were the greatest of us. You were the most talented of us all. You, John Garrett, will always hold a special and irreplaceable place in my heart; out of all of us, you were the very best. This memory will last for all time. I had a lot more ideas and plans for us, but it appears like we are going to have to put them on wait for the time being because we are going to have to put things on hold for the time being because we are going to have to put things on pause for the time being. This has left me feeling quite disheartened and hopeless.

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