illian Priestley Obituary, Learn More About Jillian Priestley Death

Jillian Priestley Obituary, Learn More About Jillian Priestley Death

Jillian Priestley Death, Obituary – Jillian “Jill” Maree Priestley, who resided in Victor Harbor and received care at the McCracken Views Residential Care facility, passed away in a peaceful manner earlier this week, on Monday the 16th of January. She was being cared for at the time of her passing at the facility. Our immediate family, as well as all of our close friends, are in an extremely depressed situation as a direct result of hearing this news.

Jill Priestley was a wonderful mother, grandmother, and older sister. She was also known for her generosity. Before he passed away, she was married to the late William “Bluey” John Priestley for a total of 32 years. Jill was an elder sister in addition to having the roles of mother and grandma.

She had lived in the Northern Territory for a very long time, and during that time she had worked as a teacher at both Yuendumu and Yirara College in Alice Springs. She had taught for a significant amount of time throughout her tenure in the Northern Territory. On the morning of Monday, January 30, 2023, at eleven o’clock, a memorial service for Jill will be held in the chapel of the Alice Springs Cemetery.

The ceremony will take place in the cemetery. The memorial service will be held on the Monday that immediately follows Jill’s departure.
The tragic and unanticipated news of Jill’s passing was a terrible blow to receive. At Yirara College, Jill will always be remembered with the highest affection, both as a close friend and as a colleague in the Human Resources department. This is because Jill was a member of both roles. My hope and prayer is that she will finally be at rest in paradise.

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