Jesse Reyna Obituary, Jesse Reyna Has Being Killed At Age 38 - Death

Jesse Reyna Obituary, Jesse Reyna Has Being Killed At Age 38 – Death

Jesse Reyna Death, Obituary – The victim of the shooting that took place outside of a bar on the North Side was identified as a result of an investigation that was conducted into the incident. The Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the suspect who was responsible for the death as Jesse Reyna, who was 38 years old at the time of the crime. The Medical Examiner’s Office is located in Bexar County.

The San Antonio Police Department said that the incident took occurred just before midnight on Saturday outside of the Garden Bistro Bar, which can be found on Blanco Road close to Loop 1604. The bar is located on Blanco Road near 1604. If you follow the directions up top, you will be able to locate this establishment. You can find the tavern on Blanco Road, in the area around 1604. It’s not too far from there.

According to the allegations that the police have filed, Reyna went to the pub and shot a security guard who was stationed at the front door of the establishment. The victim sustained injuries that put their lives in danger as a direct result of the gunfire that was fired. According to the findings of the official investigation, Reyna was killed by rounds that were fired by a separate security man. According to the information provided by the authorities, this is the case.

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