Jesse Garza Obituary

Jesse Garza Obituary, Jesse Garza Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Jesse Garza Death, Obituary – As a direct result of the unanticipated departure of Jesse Garza, we are in a state of disbelief in addition to feeling a significant amount of sadness. We were all taken aback by the news of his passing. His coworkers and friends had a great deal of respect for him, and he was liked quite a bit by those he interacted with on a daily basis.

I hope that just thinking about him would bring you a sense of contentment and prosperity. On January 31, 1965, Jesse was born in the city of Victoria, which is located in the state of Texas. Jesse’s date of birth was January 31. The 31st of January is Jesse’s day of birth.

Jesse was a talented musician who, at different points in his career, gave his skills to the musical rosters of the bands Los IV Del Barrio and the Tex Mex Bandits. Jesse was also a member of the Tex Mex Bandits. It was never a secret that music played a vital part in his life; it was always obvious. He did a lot of his relaxing in the great outdoors, such as fishing and camping amid the stunning natural scenery.

He had a lot of talents, but one of them was working with wood, and another was producing things by hand. He was also gifted in a great number of other areas. Leonor Licerio Hernandez, Jesse’s mother, and Roque Garza Jr., Jesse’s father, left before Jesse was born. Neither one of them ever saw their son. Jesse was given his name in honor of Jesse’s late father. Roque was Jesse’s paternal grandfather on his father’s side of the family.

Mary Jane Rios plays the position of sister in this household, while David Garza is the one who takes on the role of brother. On Friday, September 16, 2022, the visitation will get underway at five o’clock in the evening, and it will be immediately followed by the Celebration of Life at six o’clock in the evening, both of which will take place at Angel Lucy’s Funeral Home.

In honor of the one who has passed away, this activity will take place. On Saturday, September 17, 2022, at ten o’clock in the morning, there will be a Chapel Service held at the funeral home. The departed person will be honored during this service.

This will take place after the visitation has resumed, which will begin at nine in the morning on that specific day. Additionally, this will take place after the visitation has resumed. At ten o’clock in the morning, the visitation will come to an end. As soon as the funeral is over, the body will be taken to the Port Lavaca Cemetery to be interred there. This will happen as soon as the funeral is over.

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  1. The obituary posted about “Jesse Garza” for Jan 31? Is Incorrect info! Incorrect times of passing and Incorrect information about the life of this human passed. Please remove immediately. This is so disrespectful to family and misleading. This information is WRONG and inconsiderate to all members mourning this person.

  2. REMOVE THIS POST!!!!!! Jesse Garza was born in the 80s and this is absolutely NOT THEIR obituary. These names; jobs, and accolades are not about personal. Pictured?!
    Removed this asap!

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