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Jeff Gilarde Obituary, Hartford & New Haven CT, A Member Of Wesleyan University Athletics Has Died – Death

Jeff Gilarde Obituary, Death – The departure of Jeff Gilarde, a longtime member of the Biology department at Wesleyan and the head coach of the Wesleyan men’s golf team, came as a shock to the Wesleyan community last night. Gilarde was also the head coach of the Wesleyan men’s golf team. Gilarde also served as the head coach of the men’s golf team at Wesleyan University. During all four years that Gilarde was at Wesleyan University, he was an integral part of the coaching staff for the men’s golf team.

The Wesleyan community is hit with a terrible sense of loss as a direct result of learning this information.
The first time he worked with the men’s golf team was in 2003, when he was promoted from the position of volunteer assistant to that of assistant coach. Prior to that, he had only assisted the team in a voluntary capacity.

It wasn’t until 2009 that he was elevated to the role of co-head coach, and it wasn’t until 2014 that he was given full control of the team’s coaching responsibilities. In 1984, Jeff started working at Wes, and during the course of his career there, he worked his way up through the ranks to become the Director of Scientific Imaging. 1982 was the year that he was awarded his diploma from the University of Connecticut, where he had finished his study with a concentration in biology and participated on the school’s track team. Prior to that, he had completed his schooling at the University of Connecticut. In addition to his studies at the university, he had participated in the cross country team that the institution sponsored.The only surviving members of Jeff’s immediate family are his wife Lisa, his daughter Camille, and his twin sons Alec and Graham. Jeff’s immediate family comprised of his wife Lisa, his daughter Camille, and his twin sons Alec and Graham.

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