Jason Vuncannon Obituary,

Jason Vuncannon Obituary, Aberdeen NC, Man Dead In Domestic Shooting – Death

Jason Vuncannon Obituary, Death – A woman was rushed to the hospital after being shot in Moore County, where she is currently in extremely critical condition. The shooting occurred in Moore County. Earlier on today, there was an event involving a shooting that took place. Deputies from the Moore County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call about a woman who had been shot at a residence in the Pinebluff community after receiving a complaint that she had been shot at the location, as stated by the Moore County Sheriff’s Office. The complaint stated that the woman had been shot at the location.

When the deputy sheriffs arrived at the scene, they stated that they could hear gunshots originating from within the apartment. The deputy sheriffs were under the impression that the gunfire originated from within the unit itself. Upon entering the house, the deputies came across a woman named Nicole Lowen, who was 39 years old, and discovered that she had been shot in the chest.

The body of Jason Vuncannon, who was 42 years old, was found with a gunshot wound to the head. It was clear that the wound had been intentionally inflicted by the deceased. Because of this, the detectives are leaning toward the conclusion that Vuncannon took his own life by shooting himself in the head. As a direct consequence of the bullet that was fired earlier, there is currently being carried out an inquiry into the possibility of filing accusations of domestic abuse.

Lowen received medical attention at the University of North Carolina Hospital in Chapel Hill after being flown there by helicopter from the location where he was taken to begin with. As part of their investigation into the incident, the deputies from the sheriff’s office are still looking into the circumstances that led up to the shooting. This is being done as part of their inquiry.

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