Jane Mann Obituary, Resident of Pembroke has passed Away - Death

Jane Mann Obituary, Resident of Pembroke has passed Away – Death

Jane Mann Death, Obituary – Pembroke resident Jane Lee Ramsey Mann, who was 63 years old when she died and passed away at her house on Thursday, February 2, 2023 due to factors associated to natural causes of death, was at home when she passed away. The cremation of the body will be followed by a memorial service that will be held at a later date by the family. Both of these gatherings will go on as scheduled. The family has reached a consensus on moving forward in this manner.

The family has entrusted Maddux-Fuqua-Hinton Funeral Home with the responsibility of directing the services that are involved with the funeral. These services include the visitation, the viewing, and the repast. The funeral home is the recipient of this obligation, which the family has given to their care. Mrs. Mann celebrates her birthday on June 24 because she was born on June 24 in Madisonville, Kentucky, and her birthday is June 24.

Her father, Maurice Ramsey, and her mother, Mary Rickard Ramsey, had both passed away before she was born; their names were, respectively, Maurice Ramsey and Mary Rickard Ramsey. There is no information available on her parents’ identities. Jane adhered to the Baptist faith. She was a devoted follower of the Baptist religion, and she also kept a home for her family. In addition, she was a homemaker.

Along with the deaths of her own parents, the passing of one of her daughters accompanied her into the afterlife and aided in her transition into the subsequent realm.
The only person to have survived her is her husband of 27 years, Brian Mann, who lives in Pembroke. She leaves behind no other family or friends. There is also a possibility that her brother David Ramsey and his wife Linda, both of whom were born and raised in Madisonville, are still among the living.

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