James Martin Obituary, Houston Homeowner Found Fatally Shot Dead - Death

James Martin Obituary, Houston Homeowner Found Fatally Shot Dead – Death

James Martin Death, Obituary – The body of a homeowner who had been reported missing and who had been proven to have gunshot wounds was located after nearly a week of searching with the bullet wounds still present. The body of the homeowner was discovered inside the home with gunshot wounds.

James Gerald Martin III has been determined to be the guy whose body was discovered on Wednesday, and the department disclosed this information in a tweet that they issued on Saturday. The message can be viewed here. On Sunday, the tweet was made available to the general public. Martin III had lived for 37 years before he passed away. His record of service was 37 years.

In spite of the fact that Martin had not been charged of committing any wrongdoing, the police were looking for him in connection with a homicide that had taken place on January 27 in the 1700 block of W.T.C. Jester. The victim had been found dead. The body of the deceased victim was discovered inside the residence.

On January 29, the police asked the general public for assistance in locating a white 2022 Dodge Ram pickup truck that had the license plate 915LP and was registered in the state of Oregon. They completed these tasks first before inquiring about Martin’s whereabouts after they had completed them. It was not known where Martin was now located. The authorities claim that the vehicle in question was taken either before the terrible event occurred or after it had already occurred and that this occurred either before or after it happened.
If you have any information on the murder of Martin, please contact the Homicide Division of the Houston Police Department at the following number: 713-308-3600. You will be asked to provide your information in confidence.

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