James Boulette Obituary, James Boulette Has Passed Away - Death

James Boulette Obituary, James Boulette Has Passed Away – Death

James Boulette Death, Obituary – On February 1, 2023, shortly after 10:00 p.m., a member of the Winnipeg Police Service was dispatched to a hotel in the 800 block of Main Street after receiving a call that a man had gone there for medical treatment after being stabbed. The caller reported that the man had been involved in a stabbing incident.

The call indicated that the man had gone there after receiving a call that said he had been stabbed. The call came after the man had received the call. The information that was provided by the caller indicated that the individual had been involved in a situation involving a stabbing.

He informed them that there was perhaps another victim at a home on Selkirk Avenue in the city of Vancouver, which was located in British Columbia. The first victim was transported to the hospital when they were in a serious state; however, medical professionals were able to improve their condition, and they are now in a stable condition.

After the incident, the second victim was not taken to the hospital straight away like the first victim was. Officers from the General Patrol Division went to an apartment complex on the 100 block of Selkirk Avenue and found a second victim, a male who had died inside of a unit. The officer who found him was from the General Patrol Division.

Officers were able to locate and rescue this person. Officers working in the General Patrol Division were the ones who made the tragic finding of the dead body. The investigation was handed over to the Homicide Unit, and as a result of their work, it was determined that the person who had passed away was a guy by the name of Lee James BOULETTE. He was a native of the city of Winnipeg and had reached the age of forty by the time we met him. The Homicide Unit’s investigation into the homicide is now complete; they have reached a conclusion.

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