Jacquelyn McDaniel Obituary

Jacquelyn McDaniel Obituary, Jacquelyn McDaniel Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Jacquelyn McDaniel Obituary, Death – Jacquelyn McDaniel. Myrtle Beach, which is located in South Carolina, is a beach destination that is famous across the globe for its On Wednesday, October 28, 2020, Jacquelyn “Jacky” Joyner McDaniel passed away at her residence. She was 77 years old. It was the 28th of October that the event took place. She was surrounded by her children as well as Cody, the canine part of the family who was held in the highest esteem by everyone.

Lola “Tootsie” Joyner was known by her nickname “Tootsie” throughout her life. She was the daughter of the late Joseph P. and Lola (Scarborough) Joyner. Lola “Tootsie” Joyner came into this world on May 10th, 1943, in the city of Raleigh, in the state of North Carolina. She never lost her excitement for learning for the entirety of her life, whether it was in the classroom or in other educational activities, in the church or in musical performance, or with her family.

She did this in all of these settings and more. This was the case in each of these different environments. After finishing her studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, she was awarded a bachelor’s degree from that institution. This institution was her first stop on her journey through the educational system. She finished her education at the University of South Carolina, where she received her master’s degree in the year 1991 after graduating with a bachelor’s degree there as well.

During this time period, Jacky worked as the manager of an antiques shop, followed a career in interior design, and taught for a combined total of twenty years within the Horry County School system. During this time, she also worked in the field of interior design. During this same time period, she also received a license that enables her to engage in the practice of real estate brokerage. This license gives her the authority to act as a broker. She decided to give up her work as a teacher after she got married to Robert McDaniel, the boy she had a crush on when they were in high school. Robert was her high school sweetheart. Robert was the object of her affections at the time.

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