Ira "Bob" Born Obituary, Father of Peeps, candy inventor, has Died - Death

Ira “Bob” Born Obituary, Father of Peeps, candy inventor, has Died – Death

Ira “Bob” Born Obituary, Death – Ira “Bob” Born, a candy company executive known as the “Father of Peeps” for his part in mechanizing the process of creating marshmallow chicks, passed away not too long ago. He was noted for his contribution to making the process of making marshmallow chicks more efficient. His significant contributions to the candy manufacturing industry earned him a lot of recognition. He was 98.

Just Born Quality Confections, a family-owned business that was established one hundred years ago and that Born led for a sizable portion of his life, announced on Monday that he passed away peacefully on Sunday. Born was the company’s namesake and had been its leader for a significant portion of his life. Born began his existence on September 29, 1924, in the city of New York where he currently resides. Just a few short months before the birth of the kid, a Russian immigrant named Sam Born established the company that would later bear his name, Just Born. The boy was named after this guy.

After some time had passed, the family made the decision to move to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, which is also the location of the current headquarters for Just Born. Bob Born attended Lehigh University, where he not only earned his high school diploma but also his bachelor’s degree in engineering physics. He enlisted in the United States Navy and eventually rose through the ranks to become a lieutenant while working as a radar specialist on a destroyer in the Pacific Ocean zone.

After that, the Navy provided financial assistance so that he could finish his graduate studies in mathematics and physics at the University of Arizona and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, respectively. Born submitted his application to medical school and was eventually approved; nevertheless, as he waited for the commencement of his studies, he began working at Just Born. Born’s application was accepted since he was an exceptional candidate. He took the decision to continue working in the confectionary industry after falling in love with the field.

The majority of his retirement was spent in Florida, where he supervised a reading program and explored other interests, such as photography and other pastimes. He was able to make the most of his golden years in Florida. He continued his active lifestyle right up until a few months before he went away, when he experienced a serious fall and had a hard time recuperating from it. After that, he became less and less mobile until he passed away.

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