In less than a month, China reports nearly 60,000 COVID-related fatalities.

In less than a month, China reports nearly 60,000 COVID-related fatalities.

The announcement comes in response to allegations that the Chinese government was withholding information regarding the pandemic’s progression.

On December 7, China relaxed its rigorous zero COVID policy, which resulted in an increase in infections among the population’s low immunity level after the Chinese government prioritized protection over immunization.

The “emergency apex” of the most recent coronavirus outbreak, according to Beijing, appears to have passed.

The average age of the 59,938 patients who passed away in hospitals between December 8 and January 12 was 80.3.

According to officials, of those, 54,435 were brought on by a concoction of diseases and the coronavirus, while 5,503 were brought on by respiratory function failure brought on by COVID infection.

According to the study, China’s official COVID-19 death toll would increase to 10,775. On January 8th, there were 5,272 people in total.

According to officials, COVID fever and emergency hospital admissions have peaked, and the proportion of coronavirus patients is still declining.

Chinese officials left open the potential that more people may have passed away at home when they stated that those “deaths due to COVID” happened in hospitals.

According to Jiao Yahui, a representative from the National Health Commission, “the number of fever clinic visitors is generally in a downward trend after peaking, both in cities and rural areas.”

According to Ms. Jiao, the proportion of patients who had tested positive for COVID-19 was steadily reducing, as was the number of people requiring emergency care.

China will improve health monitoring and management of its high-risk population, according to Wen Daxiang, a representative of the Shanghai Health Commission. China will also increase the delivery of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in rural areas.

Even though there were large lines at funeral homes and corpse bags were spotted leaving congested hospitals, authorities had been reporting five deaths or less per day over the previous month.

Officials stated in the previous month that monthly updates rather than daily ones were planned.

How is the UK reacting to this?

For COVID-19, the UK declared that it would randomly test passengers on direct flights from the mainland of China to the UK.

A sample of passengers travelling in England from mainland China would be tested for COVID-19 as part of a new program, according to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

According to the agency, Heathrow travelers would be invited to participate in the study, and all positive samples would be forwarded for sequencing.

China recorded approximately 60,000 COVID-related deaths in less than a month, while since the UK started tracking COVID-related deaths, there have been nearly 178,000 deaths in the UK within 28 days of a positive test.


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