Ian Wilford Obituary Antigua, Ian Wilford Has Died - Death

Ian Wilford Obituary Antigua, Ian Wilford Has Died – Death

Ian Wilford Obituary, Death – The victim of the drowning that occurred on Wednesday has been named as Ian Wilford, and his name was provided to the public. According to the reports, Wilford, 42, his wife Julie, and three other persons, including the boat captain, a female dive master, and another guy, went diving three miles off of Ffryes Beach on the morning of January 25. Reportedly, the dive master lectured the guests on what should be done and what should not be done while they were still on the boat at approximately 9 in the morning.

After that, at about 9:30 in the morning, they entered the water and plunged to a depth of approximately 30 feet. It was at this point that Wilford, who was a native of Canada, began to complain of ear difficulties. Reportedly, the others abandoned him and resumed their descent to a depth of 55 feet. On the other hand, when they emerged from the cave approximately half an hour later, they did not see Wilford.

They looked for him in the neighborhood, but they were unsuccessful in their efforts to locate him there. After the group made the discovery, they immediately contacted the Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force Coast Guard, as well as two helicopters and a French boat. According to reports, a further search was done, but it was unsuccessful. Shane Tonge, a diver from Urlings, carried out a later search, and during that search, he discovered Wilford’s diving glass at a depth of thirty feet and Wilford’s body at a depth of approximately fifty-five feet.

According to reports, members of the Coast Guard collected the body and transported it to their headquarters. At approximately 2:40 in the afternoon, Dr. Affie Charles Barton delivered the news that Wilford had passed away. Corner Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards was notified, and she provided permission to remove the body. At the family’s request, the body was transported to the Barnes funeral home. At approximately 3:15 in the afternoon, detectives from the Criminal Investigations Department communicated the news of the death by drowning to the Bolans Police Station (CID).

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