Hyo Maier Obituary, Founder of The Aurum Group has died - Death

Hyo Maier Obituary, Founder of The Aurum Group has died – Death

Hyo Maier Death, Obituary – We are in a state of complete and utter sadness as a direct result of the passing of Hyo Maier, who was both a close friend of ours and the person who was responsible for founding The Aurum Group. It was in 1971 when he founded Aurum, and ever since then, he has been the driving force behind the expansion of the business from a single location to an integrated group of several laboratory locations all across North America and Canada.

Today, Aurum is recognized as one of the most prosperous biotechnology enterprises on a global scale. Since the very beginning of LVI, the Aurum Group has been considered to be one of the organization’s chosen labs and has been a highly valued collaborator. This recognition dates back to when LVI was still in its infancy. Since the very first day that LVI welcomed students and guests, this has been the situation.

The following is an excerpt from a statement issued by Dr. Bill Dickerson: “My encounter with Hyo was one of the highlights of my life because she was one of the most generous, honorable, and thoughtful persons I’ve ever known. His coworkers held him in high regard, and those of us who had the opportunity to collaborate with him, including myself, regarded it as a blessing to have him as part of our life.

His coworkers held a special place in their hearts for him. He is, without a shadow of a doubt, regarded as being among the very best of all time.” We would like to express our deepest condolences to the many friends and family members of Aurum, and in particular to the Maier family, who have suffered the same tragic loss as we have. Every single member of the LVI Team, including Bill and Heidi, as well as the rest of the

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