Hesketh Harvey, Obituary, Hesketh Harvey, Has Passed Away - Death

Hesketh Harvey, Obituary, Hesketh Harvey, Has Passed Away – Death

Hesketh Harvey, Death, Obituary – Kit Hesketh Harvey was a creative genius who was responsible for many of our opera librettos, ranging from Mozart’s “Magic Flute” to the madcap “Monteverdi’s Flying Circus.” The news of his untimely passing has left us in deep mourning. He was a delight to deal with, extremely generous with his time, and a major source of motivation for our relatively new business. I am grateful to Kit for everything that he has given and continues to give.

Kit Hesketh-Harvey, known for his work as a musician, composer, and screenwriter, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 65. The multitalented entertainer, who had performed for King Charles, had a successful career that included writing the screenplay for the 1987 film Maurice, directed by James Ivory and starring a young Hugh Grant in one of his first onscreen roles. The entertainer enjoyed a prolific career that included performing for King Charles.

According to his agent, he passed away suddenly but quietly while listening to Radio 3 and getting ready for a Kit & McConnel broadcast. This information was provided to The Independent. Sarah Sands, a journalist and the former editor of the Evening Standard, was his sister. He was Sarah’s brother. His passing comes as a double tragedy for the family, since they are still looking for Ms. Sands’s ex-husband, the British actor Julian Sands, who went missing two weeks ago while hiking in southern California. His death comes at a time when the hunt for Julian Sands is still underway.

Ms. Sands expressed her disbelief at the passing of her brother. “Kit was amazing – bright, innovative, witty, and kind,” she said in an interview with The Independent. When I last saw him, he was busy plotting out pilgrim routes across Norfolk; there was always the next adventure, and there was always the next joke. He was selfless to the point of selflessness.
This article does a wonderful job of covering the great depth and breadth of his body of work, from “Vicar of Dibley” through “Kit and the Widow”:

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