Goshen Shooting – 2 gang members arrested in ‘cartel-like’ shooting that killed 6, including baby

Goshen Shooting – According to the announcement made by law authorities on Friday, two gang members have been detained in California for the murders of six individuals, including a baby who was just ten months old. Deputies with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office carried out three search warrants and apprehended the two individuals they believe are responsible for the massacre in Goshen.

Sheriff Mike Boudreaux believes that Angel Uriarte, age 35, of Goshen, and Noah Bear, age 25, of Visalia, are the individuals responsible for the shooting. Uriarte got into a gunfight with ATF officers when they were searching his home, and the agents ultimately ended up shooting him. He is currently undergoing surgery, but doctors anticipate that he will recover. According to Boudreaux, Beard was taken into custody without any trouble.

It was discovered, using the evidence that was gathered by the detectives, that two members of the family who had been murdered were members of the Sureo gang. The two suspects who were caught on Friday are alleged to be members of the Norteno gang, according to the officials; however, they say that the reason behind the crime is yet unknown. According to the investigators, they were also able to construct a timeline of the killings.

The evidence, according to the investigators, appears to demonstrate that Eladio Paraz was murdered first, followed by his brother Marcos Paraz. They suspect that Jennifer Anaya was murdered while she was sleeping, and that Rosa Paraz was subsequently shot as she was getting out of bed following Jennifer Anaya. Officials stated that the shooter targeted Alissa Parraz, who was 16 years old, as well as her baby, who was 10 months old. Detectives determined After hearing the sound of gunfire, Alissa quickly grabbed her child and fled the house. They said that once she did that, she went to the front fence, placed the child on the other side of the barrier, and then leaped over herself. The investigation led to the conclusion that Beard was the one who had followed them and shot them both in the back of the head.

Earlier on Monday, the sheriff held a news conference where he verified that all six victims died as a result of gunshot wounds. Additionally, Sheriff Boudreaux requested that Governor Gavin Newsom authorize the use of the death penalty for those who were responsible for the shooting.

Boudreaux stated that this should be a case that might result in the death penalty. There were three people who were able to survive the shooting. Three of them were located inside of a trailer, while the last one was found inside the house. Boudreaux referred to the attack as having “cartel-like” characteristics, describing it as being deliberate and cruel.

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