George Czarnonycz Obituary, LSPA Artistic Advisor, Director, and Board Member has died - Death

George Czarnonycz Obituary, LSPA Artistic Advisor, Director, and Board Member has died – Death

George Czarnonycz Obituary, Death – The demise of George Czarnonycz earlier this month has left the Lafayette Society for the Performing Arts in a state of mourning. Through the use of his images, George was an essential contributor to the documentation of the early years of LSPA. The many stunning and whimsical portraits that he has created may be found hanging in our corridors, serving as a daily reminder of his brilliance and his devotion to the performing arts.

The following sentiments and memories were expressed by a number of our employees who were close to George: “had the chance to become acquainted with George, and he had the same opportunity to become acquainted with us, through George’s stunning photographs of the LSPA dancers. It was such a blessing to know him and to have the opportunity to collaborate with him on a number of projects since he possessed such a gentle spirit, a sense of humor, reliability, and strength “.
“Amy Orr, Artistic Director of the LBC and Director of the LCD”

“He was a wonderful artist. He was able to capture a moment on stage that you didn’t know existed until you saw his shot,” someone once said. “Until you saw his photograph.” Kelly Finley, who has the titles of Artistic Advisor, LTA Education Director, and LTC Production Manager and Director “When I heard that George had passed away, it left me feeling utterly devastated. He was extremely kind to those of us who were a part of the neighborhood theater family.

When I think back on plays that I have acted in or directed, the images that pop into my head are invariably photographs that George took during those performances. He had a remarkable gift for seizing pivotal moments and precious expressions in people’s faces. A kid from Troup High School leaping into the air while participating in one of our productions is captured in one of my favorite images that he took. His skill, his great sense of humor, his friendliness, and his willingness to work around our theatrical madness were all things that I always admired and respected about him.”

Carol Cain is the LTA Instructor, Director, and Artistic Advisor, as well as the Artistic Director of Azalea. “When I heard about the demise of a good buddy, it made me feel terrible. When I found out the news, I was actually at LSPA, which is kind of ironic. George was a member of the neighborhood performing arts and theater scene for a good number of years. He was never seen performing on stage. His skills really shone behind the camera, and he managed to catch us at the perfect moment. He documented our performances, so if you were a fan of the Lafayette Theatre Company when it was still in its infancy, you’ll enjoy this.

He was a friend who will last a lifetime and an honorary member of our group. When a person’s mind and soul are very robust, I have no doubt that their physical body will suffer as a result. George is a shining illustration of the validity of the notion. Rest well, sweet friend. Your presence will be missed, but the images you took are like little tokens of the good times we had together! ” The influence that George Czarnonycz had on Valerie Longshore-Sargent, who served as LSPA’s Artistic Advisor, Director, and Board Member, will never be forgotten. During this difficult time, his family is first in our thoughts and prayers.

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