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Gary Tindel Obituary, Gary Tindel Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Gary Tindel Death, Obituary – The Yuba County Sheriff’s Office would like to take this time to extend its deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the late former Sheriff Gary Tindel, who passed away on February 2nd. Gary Tindel has served in this capacity for many years. Gary Tindel has been serving in this role for a considerable amount of time. On February 2nd, information on his passing was made available to the entire public for the first time.

Tindel was given the post of sheriff of Yuba County at the same time that he was appointed to that job in 2002. Tindel was appointed to the position of sheriff of Yuba County in 2002. He continued to serve in that role up until the year 2013, when he reached retirement age, at which point he resigned from the position. Throughout Tindel’s career as an actor, he was most recognized for his portrayal of this particular character for a sizeable percentage of the time.

Tindel had been working by the company for a considerable amount of time prior to his departure, during which time he had held a number of roles within the division prior to departing for good and eventually retiring from the organization. Sheriff Tindel started his career in Yuba County in September 1971, and he remained in that job until 1999, when he retired from the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Tindel was elected to his position in 1971.

Till the year 1999, Sheriff Tindel served in that role until he passed away. The election that Sheriff Tindel won in 1971 and used to earn his current position was held that year. To the very end of his career as sheriff, Tindel served in that position right up until the moment he accepted an early retirement. When he was elected to office, one of his obligations was to see to it that the people who lived in the county were protected from any potential hazards that may have arisen during his tenure in office.

The contributions that Sheriff Tindel provided to the community in his capacity as sheriff will never be forgotten because he was such a fantastic example for such a large number of people during the course of his tenure working in that capacity. During the time that he spent working in that field, he held the position of sheriff.

It is my earnest hope and prayer that one day, Sheriff Tindel, you will be able to find the serenity and peace that is so much needed in your life and that you will be able to do so. I sincerely hope and pray that you will be able to do so.

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