Gary Pudney Obituary, Former Member Of Hinsdale Fire Department Has Died - Death

Gary Pudney Obituary, Former Member Of Hinsdale Fire Department Has Died – Death

Gary Pudney Death, Obituary – The Hinsdale Fire Department is sorry to tell you of the passing of Retired/Life Member Gary J. Pudney. He was a longtime member of the department. Gary worked his way up through the ranks of the department, eventually becoming the First Assistant Chief, and he did so for a number of years before retiring. Prayers are being sent from the chief’s office and from all of the members to Gary’s family as they come to terms with this loss and mourn Gary’s passing

In 1965, Pudney became an employee of the GE Company, where he held a variety of marketing responsibilities until his departure in 1989. After that, he started his own firm providing consulting, training, and coaching services. As part of his work, he led training seminars and workshops for a variety of clients, including enterprises, government agencies, and charitable groups.

He claimed that the work was too vital for him to even consider the concept of “retirement,” and so he continued to assist people with personal improvement training and coaching services until the day he passed away. Pudney went through a total of four marriages in his lifetime. His first wife, Dolores (Cesare) Pudney, whom he wed in 1959 and passed away in 1970; his second wife,

Marcy (Rocker), whom he married in 1971 and passed away in 1988; and his third wife, Beth (Kirkpatrick), whom he married in 1992 and passed away in September of 2013. In 2014, Jack was fortunate enough to find his new life partner in fellow New Englander MaryAnne Quitmeyer, and the couple wed the following year.

Pudneycsurvived by his second wife Mary Anne and her children Dan (Pudney), Ro (Pudney) Avila, Jackie (Pudney) Ricketts, and Mike; his older brother Paul and his wife Elaine Hance of Longs, South Carolina; and by his and his first wife Dee’s four children Dan (Pudney), Ro (Pudney) Avila, Jackie (Pudney) Ricketts, and Mike. Jack is also survived (Pudney). Lyle, Pudney’s younger brother, passed away in the year 2012. In addition, he is survived by a large number of grandkids.



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