Freddy Missing – 17-year-old Teen Body found on marshland – Death

Freddy Missing – According to the authorities, human remains discovered in a marsh are likely those of a young person who vanished from the area about four months ago. Although they have not been officially identified at this time, the detectives leading the search for a 17-year-old known only as Freddy believe that the remains found are his. On Monday, the skeletal remains were discovered on Steart Marshes in Bridgwater, Somerset, by a member of the general public. On September 20, Freddy went missing from the home he shared with his family in the neighborhood of Salford.

Together with the coastguard, the RNLI, and BARB Search and Rescue, more than one hundred police officers and staff members were actively searching for him. Specialized police search consultants are coordinating the efforts with a large number of police resources, which now include a helicopter, a drone unit, and specialized search dogs.

“This is not the news we intended to send to Freddy’s family and our thoughts are very much with them at this terrible time,” said Detective Inspector Claire Millington. “Our thoughts are very much with them in this difficult time.” “We would want to extend our gratitude to the general public for all of their calls and assistance with our requests as we continued to hold out hope that he would be located safe and sound.

We would also want to extend our gratitude to all of our partners for the support they provided during the search. “Although we do not know what caused the death, and a post-mortem examination has not yet been performed, we do not feel it was suspicious.” As we investigate the circumstances surrounding Freddy’s death on the coroner’s behalf, “We will continue to offer Freddy’s family our support.”

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