Fred Casto Obituary

Fred Casto Obituary, An International Past President Has Died At Age 82 – Death

Fred Casto Death, Obituary – We are devastated to inform you of the passing of I.B.M. International Past President Fred Casto MIMC since we will miss him so very much. Our hearts go out to his family and friends during this difficult time. Please accept our sincere sympathies. Everyone will grieve his passing in their own unique ways. It is with the deepest regret that we must be the ones to deliver the news to you that he has passed away. Please accept our condolences.

The 29th of January was the day Fred left this world; he had 82 years under his belt when he did so. His life was lengthy and fruitful to the very end. At the time of his passing, he had lived a total of 58 years on our planet; the span of his existence on this world was exactly that long. Manya, who has been his wife for the past four decades and who should know that during this time of trouble, all of our thoughts and prayers are with her, should know that he has been married to her for the entirety of that period.

We want her to be aware that she is in everyone’s thoughts and that we are praying for her. Because having him here has been such an incredible opportunity for us as a group, we are going to miss having him here with us in the future. We will miss having him here with us in this group. The date of Fred’s birth was April 8th, 1952, and the date of his death was April 28th, 2016, making the total number of years between his birth and death 66.

His birthday was April 8th, 1952, and the date of his passing was April 28th, 2016. His birth date was April 8th, 1952, and his death date was April 28th, 2016. Fred’s birthday was April 8th, 1952, and he passed away on April 28th, 2016. Both dates are in the month of April. April is the month that each of these dates fall in. Fred believed the city of Omaha, which is located in the state of Nebraska, to be his permanent place of abode right up to the time that he left for good.

The city with the most people living in it in the state of Nebraska is Omaha. At the period in question, he had already wed Lori. The event in question took place after their wedding. The occurrence occurred at the same time as everything else that was going on. CELEBRATION OF LIFE ceremonies are going to be held at the Braman Mortuary Southwest Chapel on the morning of Tuesday, May 3rd, at 11:00 AM.

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