Frank Oliver Obituary

Frank Oliver Obituary, A Member Of The CFA Has Passed Away – Death

Frank Oliver Death, Obituary – Vale Frank Oliver. We are extremely sorry to notify you of the passing of former member Frank Oliver, who served on the Upwey Fire Brigade for a number of years. Frank was a member of the organization for a long time.

He was of service to the organization for a considerable length of time. Frank was a dedicated member of the team who always put the team first. In 1970, Frank joined the Dandenong Fire Brigade, which was the beginning of his long and illustrious career in the CFA.

He went on to achieve a great deal of success within this division of the organization. Following his relocation to Golden Square in 1976 from Dandenong, he severed all ties he had with the group almost immediately afterward. This transpired not long after the move had been completed.

He arrived in Upwey and remained a member of our community here until 1991, during which time he served as Brigade Secretary when he was stationed with us. During this specific period of time, he was in charge of maintaining this position of responsibility. Frank volunteered with the Yellingbo Fire Brigade during the years 1991 to 1999 and worked in several capacities during that time.

During this time period, he worked his way up through the ranks of the organization, eventually becoming a Captain and then a Second Lieutenant. After that, Frank was sent to his final Brigade at Toolleen, where he worked as the Secretary of the Brigade, the Treasurer of the Brigade, the Communications Officer, and the VFBV Delegate. In addition, he was also in charge of the VFBV.

In addition to that, he was the commander of the Brigade’s communications. In addition to that, he was in charge of directing the Brigade’s actions regarding communications. Not only did he help the communities that he was a part of through the Brigades that he was a part of, but he also worked for the Waranga Group Fire Brigades in the capacities of Group Officer, 1st Deputy Group Officer, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Officer,.

And Community Safety Officer. In addition to this, he assisted the communities that he was a part of through the Brigades that he was a part of. In addition to this, he helped the local people through the Brigades that he was a part of at the time in order to provide assistance.

He placed a significant amount of importance on the fact that he served as a volunteer with the Waranga Group Fire Brigades. In addition, Frank worked for the CFA for nearly to twenty years, the bulk of which were spent in the Communications Department, where he held the role of Manager of Planning and Development.

He served in this capacity for the majority of his tenure at the CFA. The majority of his time spent at that location was spent serving in this role.

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