Frank Baker Obituary

Frank Baker Obituary, Frank Baker Has Sadly Passed Away At Age 92 – Death

Frank Baker Death, Obituary – After leaving this world on January 10, 2023, Frank Junior Baker, who had attained the age of 92 at the time of his demise, went to be with the Lord. On April 12, 1930, in Rush County, Indiana, Frank Grover and Zelpha Ann Harrell Baker welcomed their first child into the world.

They named their child Grover. Zelpha Ann Harrell Baker was Frank Grover’s sister. The couple came to the conclusion that they wanted to name their son Frank Grover Harrell Baker. His formative years were spent toiling away on the farm that his parents owned and operated in the state of Indiana, more especially in the counties of Henry and Decatur.

His formative years were spent in the state of Indiana. After graduating from Sand Creek High School in 1948, he went on to further his studies at what was then known as Johnson Bible College and is now known as Johnson University in Knoxville, Tennessee.

He received his graduation from Sand Creek High School in 1948. 1953 was the year that he graduated from Johnson University with a diploma. Recent years have seen Johnson Bible College undergo a transformation into its current incarnation as Johnson University.

Iva Alice Mineer was Frank’s high school sweetheart, and the two began dating during their high school years before getting married on June 18, 1950. Frank’s high school sweetheart was Iva back when they were both students at the same school.

Together, they committed their entire lives to serving the Lord in full-time Christian ministry, ministering at churches located in a wide array of cities and towns spread out across the United States. Mortons Gap, Kentucky; Whitewater, Indiana; Keensburg, Illinois; Moscow, Indiana; Poseyville, Indiana (Old Union Christian Church); New Lisbon, Indiana; and Cadiz, Indiana are just a few examples of the cities and towns that fall under this category.

Other places include Keensburg, Illinois; Mortons Gap, Kentucky; Moscow, Indiana; and Moscow, Kentucky. After he retired, he continued to serve in a number of different positions within the ministry of the Woodlawn Christian Church even though he was no longer working.

These included participating in mission trips and retreats, leading a Sunday School class, serving as an elder in the church, helping out at the food pantry, and teaching Sunday School classes. He was able to make a positive impact on the neighborhood in each of these capacities.

Alongside his work at Mission Services Association, Frank spent the majority of his career serving as a supply preacher in the communities located in and around Knoxville, as well as in the city of Knoxville itself.

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