Flavio Balderas South Gate CAL Car Accident,

Flavio Balderas South Gate CAL Car Accident, 3 killed Involving Motorist Escaping Police

Flavio Balderas South Gate CAL Car Accident – The authorities claim that a driver who was attempting to avoid police after perhaps stealing a catalytic converter was involved in a crash that took place early on Sunday morning. This collision was responsible for the deaths of three people and resulted in the hospitalization of one additional person.

According to the authorities, the incident started in South Gate and resulted in a collision involving two automobiles at approximately 2:00 a.m. near the intersection of State Street and Tweedy Boulevard in Lynwood. The location of the collision was approximately two miles from South Gate. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, two bodies were discovered at the location of the event. Both of the victims had already passed away.

The surviving two individuals were both sent to a hospital, where it was determined that one of the individuals had passed away while the status of the other individual remained uncertain. On Sunday afternoon, the office of the county coroner said that James Griffin, age 20, and Flavio Balderas, age 60, had been identified as the individuals responsible for two of the three deaths that had occurred.

Michaela Balderas, Balderas’ wife, reportedly passed away while she was being treated at the hospital for an illness. This information comes from the family. The relatives of the couple claims that they had just gotten back from attending a quinceaera celebration and were on their way home when the accident took place. According to Astrid Balderas, the couple’s daughter, “They told us that our dad passed away at the site, and my mom was carried to the hospital, and she didn’t survive.” Her mother had been transported to the hospital after the incident, but she did not survive.

The accident claimed the lives of the couple’s parents in equal measure. “They were not drinking anything at all. They do not drink alcoholic beverages. Simply put, these were regular folks who put forth a lot of extra work.” According to the police department in South Gate, the incident began in South Gate when patrol officers witnessed what they believed to be the theft of a catalytic converter. They came closer to the individuals, but the individuals drove away at a rapid rate of speed, which caused them to begin a pursuit of the individuals.

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