Epsom College ENG Shooting, Head Emma Pattison Found Dead

Epsom college ENG shooting – According to information obtained by The Telegraph, residents of the neighborhood reported hearing gunshots prior to the discovery of the bodies of the headteacher of Epsom College, her husband, and their daughter, who was seven years old. The information was obtained from residents of the neighborhood. It turned out that all three of them had been killed by gunfire in the same manner.

Parents of students who attend a boarding school in Surrey that costs $42,000 per year have indicated to reporters that they believe a firearm was used in the home where the bodies of the college head, Emma Pattison, 45, her husband George, 39, and their daughter Lettie were found. This information was provided to reporters by parents of students who attend the school.

The leader of the college was Emma Pattison. George Pattison served as the principal of the college. Lettie served as the dean of the college. This information was provided to the reporters by the parents of pupils who now attend the school. The information was supplied by the parents of children who are currently enrolled at the school. Emma Pattison was the college’s principal officer throughout her time there. During that period of time, the individual was generally referred to by the name George Pattison. Lettie was the only member of the family and she was the only child the family ever had.

It was stated that a member of the staff who lives nearby the head of the house called 911 after hearing gunshots in the early hours of Sunday morning. The head of the house was located in close proximity to the staff member. The material that was used to compile this report came from a source that has strong connections to the organization that is the focus of the current inquiry.

On Monday morning, it appeared as though law enforcement agents had constructed a cordon around the indoor rifle range at the school, which was located relatively near to the property. This was the case because the range was located in the same building as the property. This transpired as a consequence of the fact that the firing range was situated in close proximity to the school. The occurrence took occurred at precisely the same time as the beginning of work on Monday morning.

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