Emily Mcneese Troy MO Car Accident

Emily Mcneese Troy MO Car Accident, Emily Mcneese Has Died

Emily Mcneese Troy MO Car Accident – A spokesperson for the Missouri State Highway Patrol named Dallas Thompson stated that the Missouri State Highway Patrol was called to the scene of a crash involving a single vehicle at approximately 4:15 in the morning on Sunday on South Chantilly Road. This road is located in Lincoln County and is south of Ethington Road. People named William Flickinger, 18, from Troy, a guy of 15 years old from Winfield, and a female of 17 years old from Hawk Point were the victims of the accident that took their lives.

A girl from Winfield who was 17 years old and a guy from Troy who was 20 years old were the only two people to survive the shooting. They were transported to St. Louis Mercy Hospital by helicopter. According to the report that was made public by the Mississippi State Highway Patrol (MSHP) on Sunday afternoon, the three people who were killed as a result of the collision were declared dead at the scene of the collision at four in the morning by paramedics who were working for the Lincoln County Ambulance District.

A group of individuals who are experts in the reconstruction of accidents are currently leading the investigation into the collision. The results of the investigation indicate that the 2008 Ford Focus was traveling at an unsafely high speed when it became airborne and then started sliding as soon as it landed back on the roadway. The driver lost control of the vehicle, hit a tree, and then it flipped over as a result of the collision.

A spokeswoman with the R-III school district in Lincoln County, who talked with 5 On Your Side, has issued the following message to the station.The community of Lincoln County R-III was in a state of shock and anguish after hearing the news that three of our children had passed tragically and that another was in critical condition. We would like for the relatives of the victims and anybody else who has been impacted in any way by this tragedy to know that we are thinking of them and sending our condolences to them at this difficult time.

Crisis counselors from the District will be present at Troy Buchanan High School, New Horizons High School, and the Ninth Grade Center tomorrow, as well as for the rest of this week, to work with students and members of the teaching staff at these three schools. Additionally, we make it possible for any student, parent, or member of our staff who feels the need to seek support by making guidance counselors available at each of our educational facilities.


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