Ella Miller Obituary

Ella Miller Obituary, Martinsburg WV, Ella Miller Has Died – Death

Ella Miller Obituary, Death – In addition to being involved in the community, Mrs. Miller was a devoted member of the First United Methodist Church in Pineville. She was also very involved in the community. Our mother was the most experienced and capable caretaker in our family’s whole history. Her entire existence revolved around her family and the activities that they participated in. She made it a point to remember everyone’s birthday, and she sent out dozens upon dozens of Christmas cards every year without fail.

She never forgot to wish someone a happy birthday. Her family had been farmers for four generations, and she had spent the most of her life working with them in their agricultural enterprise. Her family had been farmers for four generations. During the time that she was in charge of the harvest, she presided over a number of the dinners that were served on the turnrow. It was her duty to bring a load of maize to the elevator on days when there was a shortage of staff members, as this was the standard operating practice.

To say that going on vacation was one of the most enjoyable things to do is an understatement. She has traveled all across the United States, going to different parts of the country as diverse as the southeastern United States and the western United States. Kansas, the state in where she was born and raised and in which she had remained for 32 years previous to relocating to Louisiana, held a particular place in her heart. She had lived there for the entirety of her life before moving to Louisiana.

Before relocating to Louisiana, she had spent the previous 32 years of her life there. Alongside her partner, the four surviving children from her husband’s previous marriage will carry out the last request of their mother by scattering her ashes across the Flint Hills in Kansas. This will be done in fulfillment of their mother’s wish before she passed away. This will be carried out in accordance with the wishes expressed by her husband.

Her husband Paul Miller, her son Michael Miller, her parents Lew and Pauline Patcher Lawrence, both of her sets of grandparents, and both sets of her husband’s parents all passed away before she did. Additionally, she was one of four children, with two brothers and two sisters. She was the only member of her immediate family to have made it this far. Her other relatives had all perished. Her sons Larry Miller and James Miller, who are both married to Mary, in addition to her daughters Kathryn Rister and Karen Wiley, who are both married to Kim, in addition to her daughter-in-law Martha Miller; her grandchildren Lori Stapor, Brian Miller, LeAnn Malone, Nicki Keesler, Jeff Miller, Chris Rister, Michael Rister, Paige Brown, Kevin Miller, Erik Wiley, Kristy Wiley, and Hannah Daniels; 30 great grandchildren; two daughters-

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