Doreen Hindle Obituary, Doreen Hindle Has Passed Away - Death

Doreen Hindle Obituary, Doreen Hindle Has Passed Away – Death

Doreen Hindle Death, Obituary – Doreen Hindle, who was a member of our Club and just passed away, will be laid to rest in the not too distant future. It is with the deepest regret that we must inform you of the funeral arrangements that are being made at this time. The preparations for the funeral are currently underway.

The memorial service will begin at 3.15 o’clock on Tuesday, February 7th, and it will take place at the Burnley Crematorium. Afterwards, refreshments will be served in the BRIERCLIFFE SOCIAL CLUB beginning at 4 o’clock.
Everyone here at the committee is keeping the Hindle family, particularly Doreen’s husband Neil Hindle and daughter Diane Hindle (both of whom are members of our committee), in their thoughts and prayers as they go through this trying time.

Neil and Diane Hindle are both members of our committee (both of whom are members of our committee). Doreen is included in the roster of people who are considered to be a part of this group. The only request that is made of you in relation to the clothing that you choose to wear is that you shine brightly in whatever it is that you decide to put on.

Aside from that, you are free to come and go anytime you like without any restrictions. (Doreen’s fondness for all of her shimmering accessories was a profound and everlasting passion of hers.) Instead of sending flowers, those who wish to make a donation to the Lung Foundation can do so at the funeral home, where there will be a collection box. Donations can be made in the honor of the individual who has passed away. At that location, anyone who would like to make a monetary contribution has the opportunity to do so if they so choose. Later on today, the container is going to be positioned in the section of the room that is set aside for the check-in of visitors.


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