Donald MacMillan Obituary, Resident of Moncton, New Brunswick has passed Away - Death

Donald MacMillan Obituary, Resident of Moncton, New Brunswick has passed Away – Death

Donald MacMillan Death, Obituary – The news that Donald Charles MacMillan, age 55, from Moncton, New Brunswick, went tragically suddenly while on vacation with his wife comes as a tremendous shock to the family, and they express their deepest condolences for their loss. This unanticipated tragedy has left the family in a state of profound grief and disbelief. Donald was the son of Sinclair and Jean Donald, both of whom predeceased him, and was born on June 22, 1967 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (nee MacWillams).

Leedya Marie (née Weatherby), who lived in Charlottetown, cherished her husband, Donald, whom she had been married to for the past 27 years. Emma, Abbey, and Grace, whom he referred to as the “loves of his life,” had a father who was kindhearted and kind. He was the much-loved brother of MaryAnne and (Wendell MacMaster) and their children Dillan, Kyle, and Sarah.

Donald will be deeply missed by his brother and sister-in-laws; David and Joanne (née Weatherby) Roberts, and their children Alex, Josh, and Eli; George and Rachelle Weatherby and their children Joseph and Thea. Donald’s nieces and nephews looked up to him as a doting and devoted uncle, and they loved spending time with him. The friendship that Donald enjoyed with his cousin Barry and Barry’s wife Beryl MacMillan was particularly close.

During the period that they were taking care of their two lovely girls, Donald and Leedya relocated all across the Maritimes, took jobs in the financial sector, and made their home in each of the Atlantic provinces. However, Donald’s all-time favorite location was always their “Back Home” cottage in Stanhope, Prince Edward Island. Everyone who knew Donald could not help but adore him, and they considered it a blessing to have had the opportunity to be a part of his life since he was such a kind, generous, and loving person.

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