Don Esslemont Obituary

Don Esslemont Obituary, Don Esslemont Has Passed Away – Death

Don Esslemont Death, Obituary – At the comfort of his home in London, our good friend Don Esslemont died away in a dignified and peaceful manner. Because we shall miss him so very much, it is with the deepest regret that we have to inform you of his passing. We will miss him very much.

Both Don and his wife Sue fell head over heels in love with Tralee parkrun, or to be more exact, with the people that participate in Tralee parkrun, when they came to visit us for the first time in 2017. Since then, they have not missed an opportunity to check in on us.

They came to see us at least once a year to run or volunteer with us, but it was on the multiple Tralee parkrunners on Tour trips that we went on with him and Sue that we got to know and love them. We are very thankful for those trips! Even Don’s “home parkrun,” which used to take place in Don’s hometown but has since been transferred to Tralee, is now hosted in Tralee due to Don’s decision to relocate it there.

They accompanied us on our trip to Berlin; they made the effort to travel to Buncrana parkrun (where he tail-walked with the famous Susie Kearney); and in addition to all of these things, they did a great deal of other things as well! The decision was made by a small group of us to join them in celebrating Sue’s accomplishment of her 500th parkrun on Valentine’s Day.

In spite of the fact that he had been sick for a significant period of time, which was a considerable amount of time, he went ahead and started making preparations for his trip to Tralee. He had also made an offer to visit his own event, which was the Brooklands parkrun, where he had volunteered for the very last time on Saturday (his 566th time in Hi-Vis!).

On Sunday, he ran the event for the first time as a participant. That day was the very last time he took part in the activity as a participant, and he finished it off on that day. On that particular day, he participated in the activity for the very final time as a participant, and he concluded it on that very same day.

We are keeping Sue and her entire family in our thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time. We are sad that they are having to go through this ordeal. Don A5175, We will never forget the kind things you did for us, and we pray that you find rest in God’s peace.

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