DeKalb condos Shooting – Pregnant Woman dies after Shooting at DeKalb condos

DeKalb condos Shooting РA pregnant woman was found shot to death in a condo complex in DeKalb County, Georgia, last week. The woman was in her third trimester of pregnancy. It has been determined that she was murdered before she died. After receiving reports of a shooting taking place at the Brannon Hill Condominiums, which are located on the 6600 block of Singleton Lane, on Thursday morning, police from the DeKalb County Police Department responded there.

After arriving on the scene, the officers found that the victim had been shot many times. When she was transported to the hospital by the paramedics, she was in a critical condition. In a statement that was made public immediately after the shooting, DeKalb County police said that the woman “was pregnant at the time of the event and once she arrived at the hospital doctors took over her treatment.” It was impossible to deliver the baby at the location where the accident occurred.

The efforts of the medical professionals were apparently not enough to save the victim, as stated by the authorities, and she could not be revived. She was seven months along in her pregnancy at the time when the incident occurred. The infant, who is presently being treated at the hospital and was in critical condition when brought there, has been saved by the medical staff.

The investigators have not been able to determine what led up to the shooting, nor have they been able to catch any suspects as of yet. Neither of these things has been possible for the investigators to accomplish. There has been no public disclosure of the identity of the person who was shot and murdered. If you have any information that could be helpful to the investigation that is currently being carried out, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the DeKalb County Police Department.

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