David Follett Obituary, David Follett Has Passed Away - Death

David Follett Obituary, David Follett Has Passed Away – Death

David Follett Death, Obituary – On the occasion of David (Dave) Follett’s untimely and unexpected demise, the Cardiff Bed and Furniture Centre would like to extend our most sincere sympathies to his family and friends. Dave has been an integral member of the company ever since it was first established, and he has single-handedly maintained the store working throughout the past several weeks while I (John) have been recovering from hip replacement surgery.

Since the shop’s inception, Dave has been a member of the team. During this tremendously trying time, our thoughts are with his close friends and members of his family. Because of everything that Dave has done for us, we owe him a debt of gratitude. Pownall’s time spent in the 1960s working at an Anglo-American copper mine in Zambia was essential in influencing the themes that show in many of his early work. Pownall’s experiences at the mine can be found in a number of his older works.

Even though he was only able to write at night, he was nonetheless successful in having several of his plays produced by the active theater scene that existed throughout the country. The comic satires that he wrote that were inspired by this era, such as “The Raining Tree War” (1974), were written in the style of Evelyn Waugh. Torben Betts, a playwright, asserted that the stories came up when “modern technology brushed elbows awkwardly with tribal mysticism.”

After moving back to the United Kingdom, he kept working in theater after he had previously left the country. In 1975, while he and the director John Adams were having a pint of Paines bitter in the Plough pub in Bedford, they established the Paines Plough new writing theater company. The Arts Council provided funding for this traveling production at a later point in time. Not just an invaluable contributor to the team, but also a very good friend who will be sorely missed by everyone here at the company.

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