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David Elder Obituary, David Elder Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

David Elder Death, Obituary – David Lee Elder, who had lived in Wheatcroft all of his life and had reached the age of 64 at the time of his passing on January 12, 2023, passed away in the comfort of his home there. A brief bout with illness had preceded his passing away, and he had been in poor health for some time. His cherished children are Nicola, Sarah, and Andrew, and his adored granddaughters are Everly and Isabella.

Nicola, Sarah, and Andrew Susan can always count on him to be a devoted spouse. In addition, he will be much missed by the many others who counted him as a friend or a part of his extended family, such as his brother, brother-in-law, and uncle. These individuals include his brother, who raised him, and his uncle.

Despite the fact that David spent the majority of his life working as an estate agent, he never stopped being enthusiastic about show jumping. During the course of his entire life, he was a participant in a number of show jumping competitions. At this point in life, he participated in it alongside his daughter Sarah, and it was something they did together.

He made frequent trips to Ireland in order to visit his daughter Nicola, who was living in the country at the time, as well as to make purchases of young horses. Aside from that, farming was another one of his interests, and for the past few years he has been breeding Hereford cattle with a distinguished lineage.

David placed a higher priority on being able to spend time with the people he cared about than he did on acquiring any material good. David’s younger years were defined by a period in which he discovered a significant amount of happiness while working in the cattle transportation industry. He went to most of the week’s markets, and later, he and a close buddy of his created a general haulage firm together.

He also went to most of the markets. This business used to go by the name ET Limited in the past. David got his start in the business by working in the real estate market in Ripley at the beginning of his career. Following that, he and his brothers collaborated in order to run the Elder & Twells office that was situated in Ilkeston.

This is something that he did until 2015, when he and his son Andrew decided to launch Elders Estates. Up until that point, he had been carrying on in the same manner in which he had been.

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