David Chiro Obituary, David Chiro Has Passed Away – Death

David Chiro Death, Obituary – My brother, David James Chiros, left this world on January 28th, 23 without warning, and it is with a heavy heart that I convey this news. Despite the fact that our hearts are broken, we are comforted by the knowledge that he is no longer in pain.
The courageous journey that David took taught us a great deal, and I will always… always honor his life. His travels were marked by steadfastness, grace, and a generous spirit.

“David, you were very happy and excited to come with me to collect my 5 year medallion. I really appreciate you coming with me.”In spite of the fact that I had only learned of your demise the previous evening, I was able to get my medallion with you present, if only in spirit, in memory of you and because I am certain that this is what you would have wanted me to do in your place.

Because grief is a feeling that is founded on love, and because my body now recognizes how profoundly I loved you, this seems like it will destroy me. It is through the grace of God that you have returned to our world, and I will take solace in and treasure the memories we shared together, especially those from the most recent few months. You are very special to Charlie and Nicky, and they will always look up to you.

You had just just accomplished a great number of wonderful goals and left this human existence with dignity. You also had the profound knowledge that you were welcomed and loved by a great number of people. You will be remembered as someone who was good at heart, loving, brilliant, caring, intelligent, athletic, wickedly gorgeous, brave, humorous, strong, and bright in spirit for the rest of time. This is the pinnacle of selflessness. I will always feel your presence within me, and I will be able to see your imprint in both my sons and their father.
You were loved very much.

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