Darlene Steffen Obituary, 85 years Darlene Steffen has Died - Death

Darlene Steffen Obituary, 85 years Darlene Steffen has Died – Death

Darlene Steffen Death, Obituary – Darlene L. Steffen, who was 85 years old at the time of her passing on January 27, 2023, left this world to be with her daughter Serena and the rest of her loved ones who had passed away before her in paradise. As a resident of the Fond du Lac Lutheran Home for the final nine years of her life, Darlene spent those years there rather than anywhere else. For the better part of her whole working life, Darlene was employed at the GranCare Nursing home.

This was her primary location of employment. She had a stellar reputation for being extremely devoted to her work and having a solid work ethic. Darlene was well-known for a number of qualities, including the fact that she enjoyed having a good time and telling filthy jokes, but she was also known for having a strong will at times. She was the kind of person who would relish the opportunity to take on a challenge whenever it presented itself. Darlene loved her roles as a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend with all of her heart. In addition to that, she was a great-great-grandmother.

The fact that she was able to attend her daughter’s son and daughter-in-various law’s grandchildren’s sporting events, dancing recitals, school plays, and other activities brought her a great deal of happiness. When she was younger, she looked forward to spending time away from home with both her best friends and her sisters. She never stopped doing something; she was always keeping busy. She was unable to sit still or be still because she was restless.

The loss of her vivacity and fun-loving character is sure to cause sadness for a great number of individuals. Surviving Darlene is survived by her daughter Jan (Ron) Chaney, granddaughter Jayna (Greg) Rhoades, grandsons: Brian (Leah) Loehr, Brett (Nikki) Loehr, and Ben Loehr; her sister Shirley Ferguson of Fond du Lac, her brother Dean Retzleff of Madison, her sisters in law: Bonnie Steffen of Fond du Lac, and Carol Retzleff of Madison; and her grandsons Brian (Leah) Loehr, Brett Two Retzleff sisters, one from North Fond du Lac and the other from Mount Calvary: Lauren and Donna Retzleff

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