Daniel Ruckoldt Obituary, Daniel Ruckoldt Has Passed Away - Death

Daniel Ruckoldt Obituary, Daniel Ruckoldt Has Passed Away – Death

Daniel Ruckoldt Death, Obituary – The identity of a contractor who passed suddenly after suffering a medical emergency and had to be rescued from the rooftop of a theater in downtown Antioch has been made public by the office of the coroner. The contractor was working on the roof of the theater at the time of his death. He had 59 years under his belt.A preliminary autopsy revealed that Daniel Ruckoldt, 59, from Salem, Wisconsin, most likely died as a result of a cardiac ailment. These conclusions are based on the findings of the autopsy.

The Lake County Coroner’s Office was the one that shared this information with us. On Thursday morning around 10:56, officers from the Antioch Police Department and firefighters from the Antioch Fire Department responded to the PM&L Theatre in Antioch, which is located at 877 Main Street. It was reported that a person who was on the roof of the building was not breathing, and Antioch Fire Chief Jon Cokefair stated that an investigation into the issue is currently taking place.

Two minutes after their arrival, the first responders on the scene discovered the presence of a man, later identified as Ruckoldt, on a roof that was three levels above the ground. This discovery was made by the first responders on the scene. At this point, Ruckoldt was unresponsive and was found to have no pulse. Cokefair claimed that it was unclear how long the man had been unconscious for.

On the rooftop, emergency medical technicians immediately began performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) while other fire crews prepared to remove the victim from the structure. Ruckoldt, who had been transported to the scene in a stokes basket, was lowered to the ground by firefighters utilizing the aerial ladder truck that the department had available. According to Cokefair, the paramedics continued attempting to resuscitate the victim when they carried him to the Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville to continue their work.

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