Clifford Earl Obituary, Clifford Earl Has Passed Away - Death

Clifford Earl Obituary, Clifford Earl Has Passed Away – Death

Clifford Earl Death, Obituary – On February 2, 2023, around twelve in the morning, a General Patrol unit was hailed down at Martha/Henry regarding an injured male bleeding on the ground in the first 100 block of Henry Avenue. The victim was located in the vicinity of the intersection. On Henry Avenue, in the first hundred block, the body of the victim was found.

Officers located an adult male who was unresponsive and appeared to have been injured by a stab wound. They gave the sufferer chest compressions and chest thrusts until the emergency medical technicians arrived at the scene. The victim was sent to the hospital in a critical condition; nevertheless, he was unable to recuperate from his wounds and passed away while he was a patient at the hospital.

Following the transfer of responsibility for the investigation to the Major Crimes Unit, the area was cordoned off by General Patrol Units and Auxiliary Force Cadets. Following this, the Major Crimes Unit seized control of the investigation. Clifford Earl BOS, who was 56 years old and originally from Winnipeg, has been identified as the person who passed away.

At about four in the morning, a person of interest was discovered in the 100 block of Disraeli Street. He was taken into custody and turned over to the Major Crimes Unit for additional investigation after he was placed under arrest. A Canadian man named Joseph Diamond SANDERSON, who is now 25 years old and hails from Winnipeg, has been charged with murder in the second degree. He was arrested and sent to the detention center.

Despite the fact that this investigation is still being carried out, the detectives do not anticipate any further arrests being made at this time.

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