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Claude Neff Obituary, Claude Neff Obituary Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Claude Neff Death, Obituary – The family and friends of Claude Nelson Neff are being offered our heartfelt condolences on the passing of their loved one or friend. Claude Nelson Neff passed away. We were left in a state of great sadness after hearing the news of his passing on February 1, 2023 at the Tygart Center in Fairmont, and we regret the fact that we were never given the opportunity to get to know him.

After reaching the age of seventy, Claude Nelson Neff decided to make the community of Mannington, which is located inside the state of West Virginia, his permanent home. He had achieved the age in question at the time of the discussion.

His entrance into this world took place in the year 1952 on November 11th, and it took place in the town of Fairmont, which is found within the boundaries of the state of West Virginia. In addition to the fact that the late Donald Thorne was his biological father, he is also the son of Raymond Clinton Neff and Ethel Louise Snodgrass Neff.

His maternal grandfather was Donald Thorne, and his paternal grandfather was Donald Thorne. Before he was even born, his biological father had already passed away. Sadly, his biological father had already passed away before he was born. Sadly, before he was even born, his biological father had already passed away.

As his first name, he was given the surname of his biological father when he was officially presented to the public for the very first time. The fact that his biological father had already passed away prior to his birth is a terribly tragic sequence of circumstances that occurred before he was ever born. On November 9, 1985, he married Judith “Judy” Thomas Neff, and she is the only person who will carry on after he has died away.

They exchanged their wedding vows at a ceremony held in their honor on November 9, 1985. When they commemorate their wedding anniversary this year, it will mark the 37th year that they have been married to one another. In addition to this, his grandchild, his mother-in-law, and the mother of his wife all passed away at the same time.

Dorothy “Dot” Thomas of Metz, his two brothers Delmas “Bud” and Vicky Thorne of Mannington and Donald “Perry” Thorne of Farmington, his mother-in-law-sisters-in-law law’s Darlene Troy and Paula Dodd, his brother-in-law John Michael Thomas, and one sister-in-law Darlene Troy’s grandson all survive him. His wife Dorothy “Dot” Thomas of Metz also survives him.

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