Christina Ballinger Obituary, Christina Ballinger has Died - Death

Christina Ballinger Obituary, Christina Ballinger has Died – Death

Christina Ballinger Death, Obituary –  Christina Dawn Hope Ballinger passed away on the Saturday, January 28, 2023, with her family members by her side. She had lived in Loudon, Tennessee for her entire life and had reached the age of 52 when she passed away. Christina Dawn Hope Ballinger had spent her entire life there. She had spent her whole childhood in Loudon, where she currently resides. At the age of 52, she uprooted her life and moved away.

Both of Christina Hope’s parents, Greg and Elizabeth Ann Hope, as well as both of her grandparents, Arthur and Dorothy Hope, and her older sister, Candice Hope, had all passed away before to the birth of Christina Hope. The sole child of the Hope family, Christina Hope was the only member of her family to have perished before to the birth of any of her relatives.

Candice Hope was the only member of the Hope family to have endured the years that preceded the arrival of Christina Hope in the world. She is survived by her brother Curtis Hope and his wife Melissa, as well as her sisters Carol Taranova and husband Jeff, and Cathy Hope, along with a friend named Jonathan Ballinger and an uncle named Mike Hope. In addition, she leaves behind an aunt named Cathy Hope. In addition, she has an aunt by the name of Cathy Hope who will miss her.

In addition to this, she has an uncle by the name of Mike Hope who adores her and who is going to be very upset if she ever leaves the family. In addition, she is survived by an uncle who goes by the name Mike Hope and who was born in the United States. Only those two people had any prior experience with her. She was known to no one else. In lieu of sending flowers or making other more traditional displays of sympathy, the family has asked that monetary donations be given to the Loudon Funeral Home. This is so that the family can get some assistance in meeting the expenditures that are associated with the funeral.

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