Chris Mejia Obituary, Toronto ON, Chris Mejia Has Passed Away - Death

Chris Mejia Obituary, Toronto ON, Chris Mejia Has Passed Away – Death

Chris Mejia Obituary, Death – You were my best friend for 22 years, and the anguish that I am experiencing in my heart is so immense that it doesn’t feel real. I will never forget you. My fiance Chris and I cannot express how excited we are about the possibility of having you attend our wedding in the summer as my Man of Honor… Despite this, I am confident that you will continue to support both of us once we take our vows during the ceremony.

Together, we have experienced both happy and difficult moments, but regardless of the circumstances, you have always managed to make me feel like I am so important and appreciated. In addition, you motivated me to be genuine and to look for the funny and pleasant qualities that are present in everyday life. I’m sorry that we were never able to achieve our goals of becoming famous on Broadway or in the music industry, going to Disney World together, or any of those other things. On the other hand, we were able to do a lot of really cool stuff.

We went to see our exes, made silly videos, went on vacation, danced, sang, laughed, cried, and ate a lot of food while watching a ton of movies. As a group, we got to experience some of the very best opportunities there are to celebrate life. That is everything that I could ever want for, and it is what I will keep dear as we make our way through this odd and trying moment that we are all going through together right now. There is a great deal more that I am able to say about the person who is my closest companion; nevertheless, I believe that I will save some of it for the service…
It has been decided that the funeral would be held at the St. John’s Dixie Crematorium in Mississauga on February 2, 2023. 5-7 pm.

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