Brian Buxton Obituary

Brian Buxton Obituary, Brian Buxton Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Brian Buxton Death, Obituary – I am writing this letter to you with a heavy heart to notify you that our Brother Brian Buxton left this world in an unexpected way today, on February 23. I am writing this letter to you because it is important that you know this information. I am writing this letter to you because I want to inform you of his passing and I want to do so as soon as possible.

I am sorry that this news has forced you to lose what you have lost. I ask that you accept my sympathies for your loss. Within the context of his walk with Christ, Brian exemplified the virtue of genuine commitment to the Lord. After being given a second chance to move on with his life, he was so happy at the prospect of moving forward with his life that he could not contain his happiness.

The way he acts clearly demonstrates a high level of love and concern for his daughter Brianna, and this is something that can be observed. His mother, his siblings, the rest of his family, the rest of his friends that are close to him, as well as the rest of his family and friends in general! His unwavering commitment to the Apostolic Church of Souls Harbor remained unchanged throughout the entirety of his life.

When he noticed that we were in the same general area as him, he made it a point to come over and shake our hands. ALWAYS making you Laugh! Because, at his core, he was truly just a huge kid at heart, our more impressionable children just adored him. Because he possesses such an adorable charm, he was an instant favorite with the younger members of our family.

Since he originally began this journey, he has made significant progress in his connection with the Lord. After that, he was successful in having me laugh about it, despite the fact that he was driving me nuts at the time, and despite the fact that he was making me laugh about it.

You will not be a part of my life in any important way going forward!! It cuts me deep in so many different ways that it’s unimaginable! We are indebted to Michelle Matteson and her family for the aid that they offered, and we are also indebted to the West Salem Town and Country fire department and police department for the assistance that they provided to us.

All of these individuals have our utmost thanks, and we are unable to express how much we appreciate them enough. A memorial service honoring the departed will be held at the Souls Harbor Apostolic Church on Saturday, February 11, 2023 at eleven in the morning.

The service will be held in memory of the deceased. If you are looking for the church, the address is 25 West Buckeye Street, West Salem, Ohio 44287. You can find it there. You have prevailed over me, but ultimately I will be the one to come out on top and claim victory.

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