Brandon Norbury Obituary

Brandon Norbury Obituary, A Gresham Professional Firefighters Member Has Died – Death

Brandon Norbury Obituary, Death – We want to express our deepest condolences to you on the passing of Brandon Norbury, a firefighter who served for IAFF Local 1062 in Gresham. He passed away unexpectedly. Everyone was taken completely and utterly aback by the news of his passing. Firefighter Norbury was killed in the line of duty while participating in a training exercise in the early morning hours of February 3rd.

The department has suffered a terrible setback as a result of his passing. While Firefighter Norbury was in the midst of his training, he unexpectedly experienced a medical issue. After receiving medical assistance at the site, he was transferred to a nearby hospital, where it was discovered that he had gone away just before noon. The cause of death was confirmed to be head trauma. The entirety of Firefighter Norbury’s life was devoted to the welfare of the people in both the community of his hometown and the citizenry of the nation he called home.

After serving his country as a Navy Seal for 18 years, Brandon went on to work for the Gresham Police Department for 7 years, and then after that, he worked for the Gresham Fire Department for 15 years after that. In total, Brandon has worked for both of these departments for a total of 22 years. Brandon’s most recent position, which he held at Station 31 in Rockwood, was one in which he took a great deal of satisfaction in the fact that he was able to aid the residents of the neighborhood. This was one of the reasons why he enjoyed working there so much. During this difficult time, we would like to ask everyone in the community to please keep the Norbury and Gresham Fire Family in your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate your consideration of this request.

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