Bob Ellsworth Obituary

Bob Ellsworth Obituary, Bob Ellsworth Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Bob Ellsworth Death, Obituary – The Board of Directors of CultureConnect were shocked and grieved to learn of the demise of Bob Ellsworth, and they felt forced to offer their sympathies to his family and friends after learning of the news.

Bob served as a member of the board of directors of the organization that was formerly known as Rhinebeck Connections but is now known as CultureConnect. This board was instrumental in the establishment of the organization. This group was formerly known as Rhinebeck Connections; however, they have since changed its name to CultureConnect. The year 1994 was the time period in which this took place.

Robert E. Ellsworth passed away on January 24, 2023, when he was a patient at the Albany Medical Center. He had been there since January of the previous year. He could look back on 76 years of experience. Bob lived his entire life in Rhinebeck, New York, where he also received his high school graduation and attended the community college and university that were both located there.

After completing his high school education in Rhinebeck, Bob left the town permanently. Bob earned a great deal of esteem and admiration throughout the course of his entire life in the Rhinebeck community, where he was quite involved.

When he was appointed as the former leader of the Rhinebeck Fire Department, which he had previously led, he had spent the larger part of the preceding half century serving the community as a volunteer fireman in the department. Bob was dedicated to broadening the opportunities that were accessible to young people, and he demonstrated this dedication through the work that he did for CultureConnect.

(which was formerly known as “Rhinebeck Connection”), the Boy Scouts, and the Rhinebeck Soccer League. was formerly known as “Rhinebeck Connection.”was the previous name for what is now known as. We owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to Bob for his participation in the establishment of our non-profit organization and the laying of.

the groundwork that enables us to continue on successfully pursuing our mission of cultivating a community in Rhinebeck that is committed to social justice, global engagement, and cultural sensitivity. Bob helped lay the groundwork that enables us to continue on successfully pursuing our mission of cultivating .

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